Making The Right Choices For Your Family

At DeStefano & Associates, we understand that reaching a child custody arrangement is one of the most emotionally arduous matters you can face. Making decisions that affect your children's lives is a delicate yet complex issue that you are forced to deal with during what is generally an already difficult situation.

Our compassionate family law attorneys will thoroughly explain the process and procedures. We can help alleviate the fear and worry that often accompanies custody issues by preparing you on what to expect from the courts and what the courts expect from you. We will listen to you so that we have a comprehensive understanding of your family dynamic.

Helping You Understand Your Options

We can help you understand the differences between the traditional custody divisions including:

  • Physical custody: There are four different types of physical custody arrangements in Pennsylvania that include primary, shared, partial and supervised visitation.
  • Legal custody: It determines who makes the major decisions for the child. The role is often shared between parents and referred to as joint legal custody.

By understanding each of these options, we can help you determine which choice is best for your family.

Attorneys Focused On Your Family's Best Interests

Our experience and detailed understanding of Pennsylvania child custody laws will directly benefit you. Whether your custody matter will be resolved through divorce mediation or settled before a judge in family court, we are prepared to provide the dedicated, personal representation you need.

If you need help from our Camp Hill family law firm, call 717-836-0774. You can also reach our lawyers online through our contact form. We offer free initial consultations to discuss your specific needs.