Focused On Simplifying Complex Legal Matters

Since 2007, the Camp Hill firm of DeStefano & Associates has been guiding clients through difficult situations. By making even the most complicated legal issues easier to understand, you will feel more confident when making important decisions.

While we have years of Pennsylvania trial experience, we also know that courtroom battles are expensive. Our goal is to minimize costs while also getting the resolution you desire. We are a straightforward firm that is considerate of your time and money.

We spend time getting to know our clients so that we can provide an honest assessment of how to get the most ideal outcome. Whether it's through a trial, negotiation or mediation, you can trust that we will keep your best interests in mind. The manner in which we proceed is based entirely on your individual case and priorities.

If you are facing criminal charges or a change in your family situation, we will help you understand your choices so we can get the results you deserve. By answering all of your questions, we can help reduce the stress and frustration that accompany most legal issues.

We are dedicated to helping our clients gain a thorough comprehensive of the law and how to best approach their specific circumstance. You can read more about our lawyers here:

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